Tyre Repair


Tyre Hotel

Tire hotel is a service of storing winter or summer tires until the next season. It makes sure that tyres are preserved under most appropriate environmental conditions. (in a cool and dry environment, without light)

Front Gear

“Front gear” is the testing and adjustment of the angles of all 4 wheels of the vehicle, acoording to the specifications of vehicle manufacturers and tyre wear analysis. The financial and environmental advantages of a properly performed front gear adjustment are as follows:


Nitrogen is an inert gas; it is not affected by dust, grease and humidity. Since it is more stable than air, it minimises pressure loss. Therefore, it is more effective to inflate tyres using nitrogen. The deflation of nitrogen-inflated tyres, is 4 times slower than air-inflated tyres!


It is highl important that tyre installation and removal, pressure control and balancing operations are handled with proper equipment and by trained professionals:

Wheel Trimming

The bends, fractures and cracks on both steel and alloy wheels of all types of vehicles can be fixed.

Rod Adjustment & Wheel Balancing

It can go out of order, when the balance weight is dropped or displaced as a result of an impact such as unequal wear or hitting against the rim.

The balance adjustment of the tyre distributes the weight of the wheel equally around the rotational axis and thus eliminates vibration.

Balance adjustment,

Headlights Adjustment


Battery Test